On Friday, a rare albino Galapagos giant turtle made its public premiere in a Swiss zoo.

Two of the tortoises were born last month at the Tropiquarium in the western town of Servion as part of a conservation effort.

The first is black, like its parents, while the second is albino. Their gender is unknown at this time.

“This is the first time in the world that an albino Galapagos tortoise has been born and kept in captivity. No albino individuals have ever been observed in the wild,” the zoo said in a statement.

The mother, who weighs more than 100 kilograms (220 pounds), deposited five eggs on Feb. 11, and the albino youngster was born on May 1. After two and a half months in an incubator, the second baby hatched on May 5.

The man weights around 180 kg. The couple is about 30 years old and has just recently attained sexual maturity.

For this species, the mating success rate is just around 2% to 3%. At birth, baby turtles weigh around 50 grams and fit in the palm of your hand.

Source: Reuters


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