A local official said armed gunmen murdered at least 22 people in northwest Burkina Faso on Monday, the latest fatal incident in a region plagued by terrorist activity.

According to regional governor Babo Pierre Bassinga, the assailants stormed a rural commune in the province of Kossi, around 55 kilometers from the border with Mali, between late Sunday night and early Monday morning.

“The provisional death toll of this terrorist attack is 22 dead, several wounded and material damage,” the statement stated.

Military personnel have been sent to the location, and plans are in place to house individuals who have evacuated to surrounding cities, according to the statement.

Burkina Faso has been fighting Islamist terrorists in its northern regions since 2015, some of whom have ties to al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

More than 1.85 million people have been displaced in the West African nation alone, and many have been slain throughout the Sahel, where extremist activity that began in Mali has expanded over the last decade.

Army soldiers enraged by the mounting assaults deposed Burkina Faso’s president in January and swore to strengthen security, but violence has persisted.

Last month, armed men slaughtered at least 100 residents in another remote area in northern Burkina Faso, the country’s bloodiest assault in at least a year.

Source: Reuters


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