Schools in Bangladesh will close an extra day each week, while government offices and banks will cut their workdays by an hour to reduce electricity use in response to rising fuel prices and the impact of the Ukraine war.

The new hours begin on Wednesday. Most schools in Bangladesh are closed on Fridays, but will now also be closed on Saturdays, according to Cabinet Secretary Khandker Anwarul Islam on Monday.

He stated that government offices and banks will reduce their workdays from eight to seven hours, but that private offices will be permitted to determine their own schedules.

Supply disruptions caused by the Ukraine war have resulted in skyrocketing global oil and food costs.

Bangladesh has taken steps in recent weeks to relieve pressure on its dwindling foreign currency reserves. Fuel prices were increased by more than 50% last month. According to the government, it is looking into special arrangements with Russia to obtain cheaper petroleum.

The decision has been criticized, but the administration claims it is necessary due to rising worldwide petroleum prices. Small street protests against the rising pricing have occurred in recent weeks, and the administration has stated that domestic prices will be reduced once international prices have stabilized.

Source: AP News


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