Scandal-ridden Boris Johnson announced his resignation as British prime minister on Thursday, after being abandoned by ministers and the majority of Conservative parliamentarians.

An alone and helpless Johnson spoke outside Downing Street to declare his resignation, bowing to the inevitable after more than 50 ministers resigned and MPs argued he had no choice.

“The process of choosing that new leader should begin now.

And today I have appointed a cabinet to serve, as I will until a new leader is in place,” Johnson said.

The scandal-plagued Johnson had been left by all but a handful of friends after the latest in a series of scandals had broken their willingness to back him.

“His resignation was inevitable,” Conservative Party deputy chairman Justin Tomlinson wrote on Twitter. “As a party we must quickly unite and focus on what matters. These are serious times on many fronts.”

The Conservatives must now choose a new leader, which may take weeks or months.

Source: Reuters


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