Hundreds of British Airways (ICAG.L) employees at London’s Heathrow airport voted on Friday to end a strike after accepting a salary offer, according to two unions, avoiding additional disruption at airports during a busy time for air travel.

British Airways’ check-in personnel at Heathrow Airport went on strike earlier this month after the firm agreed to raise its salary offer. 

Staff represented by the GMB and Unite unions voted on Friday to accept their separate salary proposals from British Airways.

“No one wanted a summer strike at Heathrow, but our members had to fight for what was right,” said Nadine Houghton, the GMB union’s national officer.

GMB said employees will now get an 8 percent salary increase, a one-time bonus, and the reintroduction of shift compensation.

Furthermore, more than 500 Unite members who voted in favor of industrial action over a salary dispute with British Airways accepted a fresh compensation offer.

According to Unite, the offer included a 13 percent salary increase for employees, which will be delivered in phases.

Any walkout at Heathrow would have put further strain on an airline sector already dealing with workforce shortages, which have resulted in lengthy lines and cancelled flights due to increasing demand from travelers after the COVID-19 outbreak.

British Airways representatives did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

Source: Reuters


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