According to Kommersant newspaper, which cited persons acquainted with the issue, Canada flew a turbine for the Nord Stream gas pipeline to Germany on July 17 after maintenance work was finished.

Since Russian energy giant Gazprom (GAZP.MM) cut gas supplies to Germany last month, the return of the turbine from Canada to the Russian Portovaya compressor station, a critical component of Nord Stream, has been in the spotlight.

After what Moscow calls a “special military operation” in Ukraine provoked sweeping Western sanctions against Russia, Europe has seen a decline in Russian gas supply despite already skyrocketing energy bills and wider inflation.

Nord Stream 1 is now undergoing regular yearly maintenance, which is scheduled to be finished on July 21. Flows have been fully suspended.

However, there are concerns that Russia would prolong the work time, throwing plans to fill European gas storage for winter into chaos and exacerbating a situation that has pushed governments to take emergency measures and excruciatingly high costs for consumers. more info

If there are no difficulties with logistics or customs, the turbine, maintained by Germany’s Siemens Energy (ENR1n.DE), would arrive in Russia in five to seven days, according to Kommersant.

According to the newspaper, the turbine will be sent from Germany by boat and then moved by land through Helsinki. According to the article, the equipment is likely to arrive in Russia around July 24, with preparatory work taking another three to four days.

On Saturday, Gazprom said that it expects Siemens to fully satisfy its commitments when maintaining gas turbines required for the reliable functioning of Nord Stream and energy exports to Europe. 

The German economics ministry stated on Monday that it could not disclose information about the turbine’s location.

However, a ministry spokeswoman said that the turbine was a replacement item that was only supposed to be utilized beginning in September, implying that its absence could not be the true cause of the drop in gas flows prior to the repair.

Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokeswoman, referred queries to Gazprom. The Russian energy ministry and Gazprom did not reply to calls for comment.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Sunday that he notified Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that the country’s plan to return the turbine breached sanctions.

Source: Reuters


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