According to a senior health official quoted by the state-backed Global Times, China’s population has slowed dramatically and is anticipated to begin shrinking before 2025.

According to birth data released late Sunday, the number of new births in 2021 will be the lowest in numerous provinces in decades.

According to the Global Times, the number of births in central Hunan province dipped below 500,000 for the first time in nearly 60 years. According to the report, only China’s southern Guangdong province has experienced more than one million new births.

China is fighting to reverse a steep decline in natural population growth as many young people choose not to have children for a variety of reasons, including high costs and work pressure.

According to Yang Wenzhuang, chief of population and family affairs at the National Health Commission, China’s population will begin to decline around 2021-2025.

A reform in Chinese rules last year that allowed women to have three children did not help, with many women complaining that the change comes too late and that they lack job stability and gender equality.

Source: Reuters


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