San Diego,CA.,October 26, 2007--Northern California fire crews work into the night clearing fireline and monitoring a backburn that was set to stop the Poomacha fire from advancing westward. Currently the fires in Southern California have burned more than 355,000 acres. FEMA photo/Andrea Booher

On Tuesday, hundreds of firemen, assisted by units from neighboring Germany, fought a wildfire in a Czech national park for the third day after the flames destroyed homes and prompted officials to evacuate settlements.

The fire on the German border, which burned roughly 30 hectares in a popular tourist location, transported smoke across the Czech Republic, including to the capital Prague, which is 130 miles distant, according to Prague and regional fire services on Twitter.

Slovakia, Poland, and Italy have volunteered helicopters and planes to assist in the fight against the fire that caused the evacuation of children from a German summer camp.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Petr Fiala paid a visit to the location where investigators believe the blaze was started by a careless park visitor over the weekend. Officials say the fire jumped fire breaks on Monday as the winds altered.

During a televised briefing, Fire Rescue Chief Vladimir Vlcek stated that firefighters were working to control the fire but that it was difficult to predict when they would be able to do so.

Last week’s harsh heat wave, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius, sparked flames across large swaths of southern Europe.

The fire in the Czech park is the second of the year, following a smaller incident in April.

Source: Reuters


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