According to two persons acquainted with the subject, Mexico’s attorney general’s office is investigating former President Enrique Pena Nieto for suspected money laundering, illicit enrichment, and unlawful foreign transfers.

According to the sources, Pena Nieto is the individual described as “Enrique P” in a statement issued by the attorney general’s office (FGR) on Tuesday.

Reuters was unable to reach Pena Nieto for comment immediately. When news of an inquiry by Mexico’s anti-money laundering bureau surfaced last month, he previously denied any wrongdoing.

Pena Nieto is not facing any criminal charges.

According to the statement issued on Tuesday, the FGR is “developing investigation procedures” into numerous criminal offences. The FGR said in the statement that it was looking into crimes involving the Spanish construction firm OHL (OHLA.MC).

Outside of work hours, OHL did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

OHL’s Mexican subsidiary was penalized in 2016 for inadequate financial reporting. At the time, the corporation said that there was no indication of fraud.

At the time, OHL Mexico was facing corruption charges stemming from leaked recordings of its officials discussing overcharging the government for a highway concession.

According to the FGR, the investigations into money laundering and illicit foreign transfers were prompted by tax authorities’ complaints.

In July, Mexico’s anti-money laundering agency requested that the FGR examine millions of dollars in foreign payments directed to Pena Nieto. more info

Pena Nieto responded to the allegations in a series of tweets at the time, stating, “I am certain that before the competent authorities I will be allowed to clarify any question about my assets and demonstrate their legality.”

Source: Reuters


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