Monday, October 3, 2022


Ukraine war, energy crises lower German business sentiment from June 2020

German business morale fell to its lowest level since June 2020, owing to significant uncertainty caused by the Ukraine war.

EU will urge big polluters to toughen climate obligations by COP27

EU will urge the world's largest economies to raise their climate change targets ahead of this year's United Nations climate summit.

Minister: Ukraine’s GDP might expand 15.5% in 2023 after a steep drop

Ukraine's economy should stabilize this year and grow by up to 15.5% in 2023.

Scholz says 2022 is the deadline for energy transition reforms

Scholz emphasized the importance of implementing changes aimed at shifting to renewable energy this year.

California to cover canal with solar panels to address drought

California is poised to embark on an experiment that will cover aqueducts with solar panels.

Australia must expand renewable energy to reach net zero by 2050 -study

Australia will need to invest in renewable energy and carbon capture and storage in order to attain net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Ukraine faces its worst winter, yet its gas reserve goal is close

Ukraine should be able to meet the government's objective of creating 19 billion cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas reserves on time.

India’s leading refiner would spend $25 billion towards net-zero by 2046

Indian Oil Corp (IOC.NS) expects to invest more than $25 billion to achieve net-zero emissions .

UK will help rebuild Ukraine’s transportation network

UK will share technical expertise with Ukraine as part of a fresh package of assistance .

Portugal’s drought raises water prices and bans street-cleaning

Portugal's government advised 43 municipalities to temporarily raise water tariffs for its largest customers.

White House: Russia should agree to a nuclear facility demilitarized zone

White House says, Russia should agree to a demilitarized zone around the Zaporizhzhia nuclear station.

Amid deadly strike, U.N. official urges respect for international law

UN official expressed outrage at military attacks that killed children and other civilians in Ukraine.

Tesla says California should tighten EV regulations

California Air Resources Board will to on Thursday to approve regulations requiring all new vehicles to be either electric or hybrids.

US envoy: Russian invasion speeds clean energy transition

Russia's invasion of Ukraine will hasten the world's shift to renewable energy.

The Rohingya celebrate the fifth anniversary of their exodus to Bangladesh

Ethnic minority Rohingya refugees observed the fifth anniversary of their migration from Myanmar to Bangladesh.

Black Americans at the center of Climate initiative

New climate change effort bringing together more than 200 Black environmental leaders and groups.

Why are UK energy bills rising?

UK's energy regulator will release the current price limit, which is the maximum amount that gas companies can charge customers.

Dutch city of The Hague wants to avoid EU Russia sanctions

The Hague announced on Thursday that it would request a temporary exemption from EU sanctions against Russia.

Ukraine and Russia War Updates

Brief summary of today's most important events in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

U.S. says Ukrainian POW trials a’mockery of justice’

US blasted plans by Russian-backed authorities to try Ukrainian prisoners of war in the southern port of Mariupol on Wednesday.

Wildfires are raging all over the world

Extreme fires have swallowed up huge swathes of land, destroyed homes and threatened livelihoods across the world in 2022.

Reuters:German government sees coal, oil supply issues -document

Low water levels on the Rhine and oil supplies in eastern Germany could affect Germany's coal supply.

Biden announces $3 billion in military support to Ukraine.

The US is supplying Kyiv with roughly $3 billion in weaponry and equipment.

Macron warns France must sacrifice as winter approaches

Macron cautioned the French that effort and sacrifice would be required in the coming months as the world faces a "a big shift"

German government adopts gas-saving measures

German government has authorized energy-saving measures for the winter, including curbs on the use of lighting in public spaces.

China threatens ‘forceful measures’ if Canada meddles in Taiwan

China has warned that if Canada interferes in Taiwan, it will take "forceful measures"

UK gas producers increase output by 26% in 2022

Gas production in the United Kingdom increased 26% in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year.

Pope warns of “nuclear disaster” at Zaporizhzhia facility

Pope Francis urged for "concrete steps" to stop the conflict in Ukraine and prevent a "nuclear disaster" at the Zaporizhzhia plant.

Europe’s drought might last 3 months

Europe deals with a significant drought that has sparked forest fires, dried up rivers, and wrecked harvests.

Germany exports electricity to France, promotes domestic savings

Germany said Wednesday that they will continue to export electricity to neighboring France.

Germany launches hydrogen-powered passenger trains

German officials said Wednesday that they have inaugurated the world's first fleet of hydrogen-powered passenger trains.

Biden announces student debt relief plan

Biden said on Wednesday that his government will cancel student loan debt for certain borrowers.

Pakistan requests international aid after floods

Pakistan have requested the international world to assist the country with the consequences floods last month.

Chinese province to prohibit gasoline automobiles

Hainan announced that it will become China's first region to prohibit the sale of gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles.

Japan to build safer, smaller nuclear reactors

Japan's prime minister, said Wednesday that he has directed his administration to examine creating safer, smaller nuclear reactors

U.S. job growth from January to March will be revised up

U.S economy likely added 462,000 more jobs in the year through March than previously projected.

Justice Department investigates violent Arkansas arrest

US Justice Department has initiated an investigation into the actions of three Arkansas officers recorded on video hitting and kicking a man on the ground.

Police appears oppressive in Arkansas video, says Experts

Arkansas sheriff's deputy was seen on film hitting and kneeing a man in the head several times.

Dutch government debates carbon cuts

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said Tuesday that his Cabinet members have enough trust in one another to continue working together.

Sudanese officials say the death toll from seasonal floods has risen to 83

Death toll from flash floods in Sudan has risen to 83 since the start of the country's rainy season.

In the Philippines, a storm prompts school closures and evacuations

A tropical storm brought severe winds and rain to the northern Philippines on Tuesday.

France will advocate for private jet regulation at the EU level

France will discuss with its European Union partners on how to control private jet emissions.

China is battling forest fires as harvest fears persist

Chonqing and Sichuan fought fires as they expected a temperature drop next week.

Bangladesh reduces school and business hours to save power

Schools in Bangladesh will close an extra day each week.

Poland is attempting to pass laws to safeguard the polluting Oder River

Poland's lawmakers are set to approve emergency legislation to preserve Poland's Oder River.

Taiwan’s president warns of the high cost of an invasion

Invading or attempting to invade Taiwan would cost a high price.

UN refugee agency: Rohingya crisis fund “far short”

UNHCR said on Tuesday that its appeal to help Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh fell "well short of needs".

Europe’s worst drought in 500 years – study

Europe is experiencing its worst drought in at least 500 years.

Nord Stream and Yamal-Europe pipelines flow steadily

Gas flows through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline from Russia remained stable on Tuesday.

Uniper and E.ON of Germany will import green ammonia from Canada

German energy corporations Uniper and E.ON want to work on deals with Canada's EverWind.

Australia rejects a $3 billion urea project over indigenous fears

Australia's environment minister rejected a request to halt building of a A$4.5 billion ($3.1 billion) fertiliser plant on Tuesday.

According to China, the heatwave poses a “serious threat” to autumn crops

The long heatwave and drought in China are posing a "serious threat" to the country's autumn harvests.

As drought continues, the UK must manage water prudently

Britain will need to carefully manage water supplies in the next months.

Zelenskiy promises to reclaim Russia-annexed Crimea

Zelenskiy vowed on Tuesday to re-establish Ukrainian control over Russia-annexed Crimea.

U.S. embassy issues new Ukraine security alert, urges Americans to leave

The US Embassy in Kyiv has again recommended US citizens to leave if possible.

Death toll in Algerian wildfires has risen to 26, minister says

The number of wildfire victims in Algeria has grown to 26.

Ukraine and Russia War Updates

Latest news about Ukraine and Russia war.

Taiwan claims China is still conducting military exercises in the area

Taiwan says that Chinese military activities nearby are still happening.

Germany reduces natural gas taxes to make life easier for customers

Germany will temporarily decrease natural gas taxes to relieve pressure on households.

For tweets, a Saudi PhD student was sentenced to 34 years in prison

Saudi court sentenced a PhD student to 34 years in prison for spreading "rumors".

South Korea’s: the country will not pursue its own nuclear deterrent

South Korea's president said Wednesday that his country has no intentions to develop its own nuclear deterrent.

Russia rejects UN proposal to demilitarize Ukraine’s nuclear power station

Russia's foreign ministry rejected Antonio Guterres' proposal to demilitarize the area around Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station in Ukraine.

China fights drought, power disruptions during record heatwave

China is scrambling to alleviate electricity shortages and send more water to the Yangtze River's.

Germany, Israel condemn Palestinian president’s Holocaust comments

German Chancellor expressed his displeasure with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' words.

After four years, Turkey and Israel will appoint ambassadors

Turkey and Israel said on Wednesday that they will re-appoint their respective ambassadors.

400 kilometers away, a Portuguese wildfire engulfs Madrid buildings

Smoke from a massive wildfire in central Portugal engulfed the "Four Towers" towers in Madrid.

Ukraine anticipates largest grain convoy since export pact

Ukraine expects five ships to arrive at the Black Sea port of Chornomorsk.

Water company bans hosepipes in London

Thames Water announced on Wednesday that customers will be prohibited from using a hosepipe in London.

For the first time since 1982, UK inflation has reached double digits

Consumer price inflation in the United Kingdom surged to 10.1% in July, the highest level since February 1982.

Biden signs $430 billion climate, healthcare, tax bill

Biden signed a $430 billion bill into law largest climate package in US history.

$1.66 billion for new buses to reduce emissions in U.S

$1.66 billion for new buses to reduce emissions in U.S.

Oil industry plans carbon capture projects with U.S. climate bill

Tax credits in the $430 billion U.S. climate and tax measure will jumpstart carbon sequestration projects.`

Gazprom expects European gas prices to rise 60%

Gazprom said European gas prices might rise 60% to over $4,000 per 1,000 cubic meters this winter.

German gas consumption down 15%, says power group

Germany's gas consumption fell significantly in the first half of 2022, even when weather differences were considered, according to the power industry association BDEW...

China will discourage abortions to increase birthrate

China will discourage abortions and make fertility treatment more accessible to boost birth rates.

EU studying Iran’s nuclear proposal response, consulting U.S.

EU is assessing Iran's response to what it has called its "final" proposal to save a 2015 nuclear deal.

EU working to boost Pacific economic, security ties

EU is working to strengthen its presence in the Pacific through economic ties and new security commitments.

Old oil and gas fields in Norway must adapt to green power or close

Norway may have to phase out some of its ageing oil and gas fields prematurely.

Salzgitter: Germany wants to be spared from national gas rationing

Germany's second-largest steelmaker, is negotiating with regulators to avoid future gas rationing.

Under the new charge, German families’ gas bills will jump by 480 euros

German households would have to pay about 500 euros ($509.65) more per year for gas.

Poland claims Oder tests don’t indicate toxin as fish killer

Poison cannot be ruled out as the reason of a major fish die-off in the Oder River.

Heatwave, drought endanger China’s Yangtze river agriculture

Regions reliant on Yangtze, are being forced to deploy pumps and cloud-seeding rockets.

As U.S. politicians visit Taiwan, China executes more drills

On Monday, China's military said it conducted more exercises near Taiwan.

Sterling declines against the dollar as attention shifts to UK data

The pound dipped versus a broadly stronger dollar on Monday.

UK continues Rwanda plan as small boats arrive

As little boats approach, the United Kingdom maintains its Rwanda strategy.

Three shot outside Illinois’ Six Flags

Three individuals were injured after gunfire erupted outside the Six Flags (SIX.N) entertainment park in Gurnee, Illinois.

Labour Party wants energy price cap freeze

Britain's Labour Party called for the energy price cap to be frozen on Monday.

Drought in England, wildfires in France as warmth continues

Europe rushed to France's aid to combat a large wildfire, while fires raged in Portugal and parts of England suffered severe drought.

Germany and Poland investigate river Oder fish die-off

Polish and German authorities are working "flat-out" to determine the source of a large fish die-off in the Oder River.

French wildfires record carbon emissions

Ongoing wildfires in France have already released unprecedented amounts of carbon into the sky.

$3 billion in FEMA climate resilience funding is announced

$3 billion to assist towns in dealing with floods, wildfires, high heat, and other problems caused by climate change.

The French maize crop rating falls as the drought worsens

Crop conditions in France fell precipitously last week to their lowest level in at least a decade.

IRNA says that Iran may accept EU demands to revive nuclear pact

Iran nuclear agreement "may be acceptable if assurances are provided." "according to a senior Iranian official.

Ukraine and Russia War Updates

Ukraine and Russia accused each other on Friday of endangering nuclear power plants .

Scholz promotes a pipeline connecting Portugal and Central Europe

Scholz called on the construction of a pipeline from Portugal to central Europe in order to wean reliance on Russia.

Dollar fell more after the United States’ inflation surprise

Dollar fell further against other major currencies on Thursday, as traders reduced their bets on the Federal Reserve raising interest rates.

Swiss army airlifts water to Alpine animals

Swiss army helicopters have been called in to deliver water to thousands of thirsty farm animals in the country's Alpine meadows.

France battles’monster’ wildfires as Europe swelters

Wildfires raged for a third day near the wine-growing region of Bordeaux.

Latvia labels Russia a “state sponsor of terrorism” over Ukraine

Latvia calls on Western partners to impose more extensive sanctions on Moscow in order to resolve the conflict.

First time since March, U.S. gas prices dip below $4

Average retail price of gasoline in the United States fell below $4 a gallon on Thursday.

Taiwan’s president says China’s military threat has not decreased

Chinese military danger has not abated, and that while Taiwan would not escalate confrontations or cause disputes.

New heatwave prompts ‘extreme’ weather alert in Britain

"extreme heat" warning was issued for portions of England and Wales, with temperatures expected to reach 35 degrees Celsius.

Satellite images reveal Antarctic ice shelf crumbling quicker than expected

Antarctica's coastline glaciers are shedding icebergs faster than nature can repair the collapsing ice.

Second-quarter U.S. production drops most ever annually

Workers' productivity in the United States declined at the fastest annual rate since the Labor Department began tracking it in 1948.

Survey: UK consumer energy debt is record high

British consumer energy debt is already at an all-time high.

China military claims Taiwan Strait duties done, forces battle-ready

China's military stated on Wednesday that it had "successfully completed" different missions near Taiwan.

Beluga whale euthanized during Seine rescue

Beluga whale that strayed into the Seine River died on Wednesday during an attempt to return it to the sea off northern France.

France’s wildfires have evacuated thousands

Wildfire raged through the Gironde area of southwestern France, damaging homes and prompting the evacuation of thousands of residents.

Biden supports Sweden and Finland’s NATO membership

Biden signed documents approving Finland and Sweden's entrance to NATO on Tuesday.

Ukraine charges Russia of using a power facility as a “nuclear shield”

Ukraine accused Russia on Wednesday of using its control of a nuclear power plant to launch a rocket strike on a neighbouring town

Torrential rain subsides in Seoul despite massive flood damage

Torrential rains pounded South Korea's capital, Seoul, on Wednesday, killing at least nine people.

Low Rhine water levels pose a risk to Germany’s economic progress

Weeks of blazing temperatures and scarce rainfall this summer have emptied the water levels of the Rhine, the country's commercial lifeblood.

U.S. coal plant closures hinder renewable energy transition

A coal-fired power station on the shore, which will continue operational until mid-2025 rather than closing.

As German gas rationing approaches, industry requests exemptions

Germany's network regulator has received a slew of exemption requests from industries across the board.

Under new contract, 12 grain ships leave Ukraine

Two more grain-carrying ships left Ukraine's Chornomorsk port on Tuesday as part of a deal to unblock Ukrainian maritime exports.

War, high energy prices will cost the German economy $265 billion, a report warns

According to a study conducted by the Institute for Employment Research, Germany's economy will lose more than 260 billion euros ($265 billion) in added...

Kremlin calls Zelenskiy’s request for a ban on all Russians absurd

The Kremlin slammed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy's request for a Western travel ban on all Russians as illogical on Tuesday, saying that Europe would...

Beluga whale will be relocated from Seine to saltwater lock

A beluga whale that strayed into the River Seine, far from its natural habitat of arctic or subarctic waters, will be relocated to a...

Dollar weakens, inflation data next major test

The dollar retreated versus other major currencies on Tuesday, with traders hesitant to push the currency higher in the absence of fresh evidence that...

Despite rising UK energy rates, Liz Truss maintains her tax-cut pledge

Liz Truss, the frontrunner to become Britain's next prime minister, said on Tuesday that she still prefers tax cuts to direct assistance for households...

England and Wales issue ‘extreme heat’ warning

The British weather service issued an amber "Extreme Heat" warning for parts of England and Wales on Tuesday, with no relief in sight from...

South Korea, China to discuss North Korea, K-pop

South Korean and Chinese foreign ministries will meet on Tuesday to discuss measures to restart denuclearization discussions with North Korea and resume cultural exports...

Russia’s Transneft says Ukraine stopped oil to Europe over payment

Ukraine has blocked Russian oil exports to southern Europe since early this month because Western sanctions prevent it from obtaining transit fees from Moscow,...

U.S. to send Ukraine $4.5 billion for budget needs

The US will pay an additional $4.5 billion to Ukraine's government, raising its total budgetary support since Russia's incursion in February to $8.5 billion,...

Green aviation fuel tax credit is opposed by US gasoline retailers

Fuel merchants in the United States are protesting the inclusion of a tax credit for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in Democrats' $430 billion budget...

Horniman Museum in London will return Benin bronzes to Nigeria

The Horniman Museum in London announced on Sunday that it would return to the Nigerian government 72 artifacts, including 12 brass plaques known as...

Ukraine requests demilitarized zone around shelled nuclear plant

International concern over weekend artillery attacks on Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia nuclear complex intensified on Monday, with Kiev warning of a Chornobyl-style disaster and calling for...

Fourth victim of New Mexico wildfire floods

According to a local rancher, a man drowned on Sunday in northern New Mexico as a flash flood raced over a burn area left...

China has announced new military drills in the “vicinity” of Taiwan

China's military launched new military maneuvers in the seas and airspace surrounding Taiwan on Monday, a day after the scheduled end of its largest-ever...

UK: Russia likely using anti-personnel mines in Donbas

Russia is most certainly planting anti-personnel mines along its defensive lines in Ukraine's Donbas area, Britain claimed on Monday, without providing evidence. Russia has most...

Ukraine’s nuclear chief wants a military-free zone near Zaporizhzhia

The chairman of Ukraine's state nuclear power company Energoatom called for the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station to be declared a military-free zone on Monday,...

U.S. Senate approves a climate change and medication cost bill

The United States Senate enacted a $430 billion bill on Sunday to combat climate change, decrease medication prices, and boost certain corporate taxes, a...

Ukraine and Russia War Updates

International concern over weekend artillery attacks on Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia nuclear complex grew on Monday, with Kiev warning of a Chornobyl-style disaster and calling for...

Despite recent China drills, air traffic over Taiwan is returning to normal

Taiwan's Ministry of Transportation and Communications stated on Monday that air traffic around the island is gradually returning to normal after the island's airspace...

Iran says Vienna negotiations depend on U.S. flexibility.

Iran wants to resurrect a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, the Iranian foreign minister said on Sunday, adding that the success of indirect...

As recession fears lessen, major Gulf bourses increase

Most Gulf stock markets rose in early trade on Monday, reflecting higher oil prices as investors' risk appetite increased following statistics on US jobs...

Third Ukrainian port opens, sending two additional grain ships 

Two additional ships carrying maize and soybeans left Ukrainian Black Sea ports on Monday, according to Turkey and Ukraine, bringing the total to ten...

Interfax quotes a Russia-installed official saying Zaporizhzhia is running normally

The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power facility, which was shelled over the weekend, is now working "in normal mode," the Russian-installed head of the local government...

Oil stays near multi-month lows on demand worries

Oil prices rose from multi-month lows on Monday, as continuing concerns about falling demand as a result of a bleak economic outlook overcame some...

U.N. calls for access after attack on Ukraine nuclear facility 

After Ukraine and Russia swapped accusations over the weekend shelling of Europe's largest atomic complex, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres appealed on Monday for foreign...

France’s ASN nuclear regulator adjusts hot water discharge rules in light of heatwave

Despite the potential environmental consequences, France's nuclear regulator issued a temporary waiver enabling five EDF (EDF.PA) power facilities to continue discharging hot water into...

Risk of nuclear confrontation is back after decades,says U.N. chief Guterres

The United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, stated on Monday that the prospect of nuclear conflict had resurfaced after decades, urging nuclear states to commit...

Russia will achieve its aims in Ukraine, says Medvedev

One of President Vladimir Putin's closest supporters declared on Monday that Russia would achieve its goals in the Ukraine crisis on its own terms,...

“Military drills in ‘our own waters’ are open and transparent”, says China’s Foreign Ministry

According to the Chinese foreign ministry, Taiwan is a part of China, and China is conducting normal military drills "in our own waters" in...

Singapore PM warns of deteriorating geopolitical climate

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong cautioned on Monday of the risk of miscalculation in the Taiwan Strait, which he said was unlikely to...

Chad and rebels reach peace agreement in Qatar

On Monday, Chad's transitional government and rebel groups signed a peace deal in Doha ahead of a larger national reconciliation discussion later this month. More...

Former rebel Petro vows peace and equality in Colombia

Gustavo Petro became Colombia's first leftist president on Sunday, promising to unite the country in the battle against inequality and climate change, as well...

Cuba gets oil fire aid from Mexico and Venezuela

On Sunday, Cuba looked to be making headway in putting out a fire at its largest oil storage facility that had killed one fireman,...

Chile sinkhole can swallow France’s Arc de Triomphe

A sinkhole in Chile has doubled in size, engulfing France's Arc de Triomphe and causing officials to halt work at a nearby copper mine. The...

Climate change compensation argument before COP27

Tensions are rising ahead of this year's United Nations climate meeting, as vulnerable countries increase their demands for rich countries to compensate the world's...

Germany supports Russia sanctions despite gas issue, official says

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz does not believe support for Russia sanctions is weakening, despite the fact that energy prices are anticipated to rise further,...

Reuters: U.S. readies new $1 billion Ukraine weapons package

Biden administration's next security support package for Ukraine is estimated to be $1 billion.

Videos: Rocket launching from Gaza faces Israel ‘s Iron dome

Multiple videos of rocket launching from Gaza and Israel 's Iron dome intercepts.

Video: Israel rocket sirens sound as Jihad hit back following Gaza airstrikes

Rocket sirens heard in southern and central Israel as Palestinian "Jihad" in Gaza retaliated against Israeli airstrikes

China calls Canadian ambassador over G7 Taiwan comments

China's foreign ministry said on Friday that it summoned Canadian ambassador Jim Nickel in Beijing.

After Griner is imprisoned, Russia is willing to arrange an exchange with the US

Russia said on Friday that it was willing to have secret talks with the United States on a prisoner exchange.

Frontline Ukrainian city sets weekend curfew to weed out collaborators

Ukraine's southern border city of Mykolaiv announced an unusually extended curfew from late Friday to early Monday.

Study shows that world’s wildlife is in more danger than previously thought

World's wildlife may be in greater danger than experts have previously claimed.

Paris’s heatwave highlights the city’s lack of trees

Heat coming off the tarmac outside the Garnier Opera house in Paris as a third heatwave roasted France this week.

Ukraine and Russia War Updates

A brief overview of the day's most important developments in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

China suspends high-level military engagement with U.S

China has suspended cooperation with the US in a number of sectors.

According to the United Nations, food prices decreased again in July

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization's global price index fell further in July.

Pelosi hails Taiwan, says trip wasn’t to disrupt status quo

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, lauded Taiwan on Friday, reaffirmed US assistance, and said that her journey around...

Halifax reports first UK home price drop in 13 months

House prices in the United Kingdom declined for the first time in more than a year in July.

Ukraine wants to expand its maritime safe passage agreement beyond grain

Kyiv demanded that the safe passage agreement be extended to other goods such as metals.

China’s military exercises near Taiwan interrupt critical trade channels

China's military drills in the seas near Taiwan have encouraged some ships to circumnavigate the Taiwan Strait.

Blinken said the U.S. opposes changing Taiwan’s status quo

US opposes unilateral attempts to alter the status quo in Taiwan.

Switzerland hydro facility can charge 400,000 vehicle batteries

Switzerland is adding cog to its energy supply with hydropower project to charge 400,000 automobile.

Blinken calls China’s Taiwan activities inappropriate, disproportionate, and confrontational

Blinken attacks China's military maneuvers surrounding Taiwan in reaction to the visit of Pelosi.

China claims that Japan’s attitude on Taiwan excuses the ‘wrongdoers.’

Hua Chunying: Japan's remarks on Taiwan tensions were an effort to legitimze the "wrongdoers".

Zelenskiy condemned Amnesty’s claims that Ukraine bases troops in residential areas

Amnesty accused Ukraine of endangering civilians by basing troops in residential areas during Russia's invasion.

South Korea launches lunar orbiter as space quest gains steam

South Korea launched its first lunar orbiter on Friday.

China has sanctioned Pelosi for her ‘provocative’ trip to Taiwan

Chinese foreign ministry said on Friday that it has decided to penalize Nancy Pelosi.

Tensions with US prompt Chinese purchases of chipmaking stocks

Chinese chipmakers' shares rose the highest in two years.

UK says Russia’s operations at Zaporizhzhia threaten its security

Russian military' actions at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power facility have likely jeopardized the security and safety of UK.

Taiwan tensions affect ASEAN meetings

Tensions over Taiwanese developments clouded an Asian gathering of foreign ministers.

Israel launches military operation “Dawn” in Gaza

Israeli forces launches "Dawn" against targets in the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Organization (PAJ).

India accepts climate change emissions goals

India, has finally adopted new objectives for reducing global warming emissions.

Despite protracted recession approaches, the Bank of England hikes rates

Bank of England boosted interest rates by the greatest in 27 years.

Europe’s wildfires burn second-largest area ever

Wildfires sweeping throughout Europe this summer have burnt the second-largest area on record.

Ukraine and Russia War Updates

A brief overview of the day's most important developments in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Great Barrier Reef coral cover is greatest in 36 years

Great Barrier Reef has the most coral cover in 36 years.

S.Korea’s president said Pelosi’s border visit deters N.Korea

Yoon Suk-yeol said Nancy Pelosi's visit to the heavily guarded inter-Korean border.

South Korean airlines suspend Taiwan flights, media reports

Korean Air Lines and Asiana Airlines are canceling flights to Taiwan.

NATO head believes Russia can’t win in eastern Ukraine

Ukraine said Thursday that a Russian push compelled it to give up some territory in the east, but NATO's chief insisted Moscow must not prevail.

Italy will vote on a $14.5 billion anti-inflation program

Italy plans to pass a new aid package Thursday to help businesses and individuals cope with soaring energy and consumer costs.

China’s temperatures are increasing quicker than normal

China's average ground temperatures have increased substantially faster than the world average.

Pelosi’s Taiwan visit is’manic,’ says China’s foreign ministry

China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi termed US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's travel to Taiwan "manic, irresponsible and highly irrational".

Gambia floods after decades of heavy rain

Gambia saw its highest rainfall in more than 30 years last weekend.

South Africa announces first death connected to COVID vaccination

South Africa's health authorities disclosed a causal relationship between an individual's death and Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccination.

China conducts’strategic’ maneuvers surrounding Taiwan

China's People's Liberation Army has resumed military drills in the oceans and airspace around Taiwan.

After G7 Taiwan statement, China cancels meeting with Japan

Chinese foreign ministry stated Thursday that a meeting between Foreign Minister and his Japanese counterpart was canceled.

France discriminated against hijab-wearing trainee

UN concluded that France discriminated against a Muslim lady who was barred from attending a public school while wearing her Islamic head scarf.

Ukraine demands a Russian withdrawal before negotiations

Ukraine says any talks would be conditioned on a Russian ceasefire and army departure.

Ukraine and Russia War Updates

A brief overview of the day's most important developments in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

India’s heatwaves are rising, but fatalities are down

Temperatures during India's monsoon season have climbed this century.

After four days of advances, the rupee slips on record trade imbalance

Indian rupee fell after four consecutive days of gains on Wednesday.

Japan’s spokeswoman calls China’s military activities ‘concerning’

Japan raised worry about China's military exercises in response to Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan trip.

Rising seas force Fiji’s inhabitants to move

Boats anchor adjacent to living rooms on Fiji's Serua Island, when high tide breaches the barrier and floods the hamlet.

US wants Taiwan to enjoy both freedom and security, says Nancy Pelosi

United States wants Taiwan to enjoy freedom and security indefinitely, and will not back down from that.

Turkish inflation has reached over 80%; a peak is possible

Turkish inflation hit a new 24-year high of 79.6 percent in July.

June German exports hit a new high, but prospects are dim

German exports increased by 4.5 percent in June to a new high.

Taiwan claims that China’s aggression undermines international order

Taiwan says China's assault threatens global order.

Pelosi leaves Taiwan, completing a visit that enraged China

Nancy Pelosi, departed Taiwan on Wednesday after expressing support and extolling its democracy.

Zelenskiy wants China to confront Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said he would like to see China join the nations opposing Moscow's invasion.

France’s strategic gas reserves will be full by November

France will fill 100 percent of its strategic gas reserves by November 1.

The death toll in California’s biggest wildfire this season has risen to four

Two additional corpses have been discovered in an area that has been blazing for a fifth day in northern California.

Pelosi: U.S. won’t forsake Taiwan

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi assured Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen that the US won't abandon Taiwan.

Biden will sign executive order protecting abortion rights

President Joe Biden intends to sign a second executive order on Wednesday to abolish the countrywide constitutional right to abortion.

Mexico’s President is being investigated for money laundering

Mexico's attorney general is investigating former President Enrique Pena Nieto for money laundering, illegitimate enrichment, and illegal foreign transfers.

Australia Greens support climate bill but promise to resist coal, gas projects

Greens party in Australia backed the government's climate change legislation on Wednesday.

Russia requires Gazprom’s gas turbine documentation

Russia's Gazprom is awaiting documentation that would enable the return of the serviced Nord Stream 1 gas turbine from Germany.

Germany’s Scholz blames Russia for energy dispute

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that Russia has no reason to delay the return of a gas turbine for the Nord Stream 1 pipeline.

Taiwan’s military has heightened readiness; people may relax

Taiwan's cabinet announced on Wednesday that the military has increased its alertness level.

Burkina Faso acknowledges murdering civilians in counter-terrorist strike

Burkina Faso's army acknowledged on Wednesday that it had killed people inadvertently during a counter-terrorist operation.

As dry weather persists, UK’s South East Water imposes limitations

South East Water in the UK restricted sprinklers and hosepipes in the south of England.

China vows “Targeted Military Actions” over Pelosi visit to Taiwan

China declared on Tuesday that it will begin a "series of targeted military operations" in reaction to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's travel to Taiwan.

Video:Flash Bombs over Taiwan Strait

Flash bombs was dropped over the Taiwan Strait by unidentified aircrafts as seen from Xiamen City, Fujian.

After violent demonstrations, Congo will reevaluate U.N. pullout plans

Democratic Republic of the Congo's government stated late Monday that it would reconsider the UN peacekeeping mission's pullout strategy.

Senate Dems hoping for $430 billion climate, drug measure

Democrats in the United States Senate were waiting for a verdict this week whether they can approve a $430 billion medicines, energy, and tax plan.

California declares a monkeypox emergency

California Governor announced a state of emergency over monkeypox on Monday.

China slams Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

China's foreign ministry said Pelosi's visit has a significant influence on the political foundations of China-US relations.

Russia’s top court labels Azov Regiment a ‘terrorist’ outfit

Russia's highest court labeled Ukraine's Azov Regiment as a terrorist organisation on Tuesday.

The EU has approved a three-billion-euro German green heating project

EU said that it had approved the German government's three-billion-euro initiative.

Ukraine and Russia War Updates

A brief overview of the day's most important developments in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Video:China lights up Fujian ‘s sky with artillery after Pelosi arrives to Taiwan

Hail of artillery shots lighting up the city's sky just after Pelosi arrived to Taiwan.

Videos: Air-raid sirens in Fujian before Pelosi ‘s arrival

Videos appear to show air-raid sirens sounding in Fujian, which is located in southeast China, just a few minutes before Pelosi is arrived to land in Taiwan.

Pelosi arrives to Taiwan despite China Warnings

The U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, arrives in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.

More storms are anticipated as Kentucky floods kill 37

Floods caused by severe rains in eastern Kentucky have killed at least 37 people.

US and Chinese warships maneuver ahead of Pelosi’s Taiwan visit

Chinese aircraft circled the Taiwan Strait line on Tuesday as 4 U.S warships deployed near Taiwan.

Russia accuses U.S. of direct Ukraine conflict participation

Russia accused the US of direct participation in the Ukraine crisis on Tuesday.

Biden announces Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri Dead

Biden stated Monday that a US strike in Afghanistan over the weekend killed top Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.

 Texas militia member face sentencing for Capitol riot

Member of the far-right Three Percenters militia might be sentenced to more than a decade in jail for participating Capitol riot on January 6, 2021.

No one can win a nuclear war, says Putin

Putin stated that there could be no winners in a nuclear war and that such a fight should never be launched.

Ukraine and Russia War Updates

A brief overview of the day's most important developments in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Pelosi to visit Taiwan on Tuesday

Pelosi will visit Taiwan on Tuesday and spend the night in Taipei.

Kosovo and Nato Relationship

NATO leads a mission in Kosovo in support of broader international efforts to establish peace and stability in the region.

China threatens its military won’t stand by if Pelosi visits Taiwan

China warned that its armed forces would "not sit idly by"if Pelosi visited Taiwan.

First Ukraine grain ship from Odesa since war’s start

Ship carrying grain left the Ukrainian port of Odesa for Lebanon on Monday under a safe passage arrangement.

Are Russia and Serbia Allies?

Serbia maintained strong connections with Moscow and has not supported Western sanctions against Russia.

Kosovo government postpones its plan for north after tensions escalate

Kosovo government postponed the execution of a resolution that would require Serbs in the country's north to apply for car license plates issued by Pristina authorities.

As protesters block roads, Kosovo issues more documents to Serbian citizens

NATO monitored the clearing of obstacles set up by demonstrators in north Kosovo.

What to know about Serbia?

Serbia is a Balkan nation in western central Europe that was a part of Yugoslavia.

Nato ‘prepared to interfere’ amid Serbia-Kosovo tensions

Nato’s Kosovo Force (KFOR) said in a statement: “The Nato-led KFOR mission is monitoring closely and is prepared to intervene".

What to know about Kosovo?

Kosovo is a self-declared independent European country in the Balkans with a capital city of Pristina.

Tensions Rise on Kosovo-Serbia Borders Amid Gunfire

Gunfire erupted Sunday night between the Balkan republics of Kosovo and Serbia.

Ukraine and Russia War Updates

A brief overview of the day's most important developments in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Democrats seek to pass climate and drugs bills despite ‘booby traps’

US Senate Democrats want to avoid "booby traps" such as COVID and surprises from within their own ranks.

Recycling initiatives in Scotland will get a £3.4 million boost

Three Scottish local councils will see an increase in recycling services as a result of investment.

UK defense minister: Russia is failing in several areas of Ukraine war

Ben Wallace stated on Friday that Russia was failing in "many areas" in its war against Ukraine.

Thousands of dead migrating seabirds wash ashore in Canada; flu suspected

Thousands of seabird bodies washed up on the coasts of eastern Canada this week with avian flu possibility.

Biden vows to increase taxes on the wealthy

Biden vows to raise taxes on corporations and the rich as part of a fight against glaring income inequality.

Euro zone inflation soars to a new peak

Inflation in the eurozone reached a new high in July, and its peak might be months away.

German unemployment climbs as Ukrainian refugees search for jobs

German unemployment grew more than predicted in July as officials register Ukrainian refugees seeking work in Germany.

Oil prices are rising due to low likelihood of an OPEC+ supply surge

Oil prices increased in European trade on Friday as investors focused on next week's OPEC+ meeting.

Brazil approves road through Amazon jungle

Brazil's environmental authority approved a first permission for construction of a large highway through Amazon rainforest.

Russian strike on Ukranian Mykolaiv kills five says governor

At least five persons were killed and seven were injured in a Russian missile strike on the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv on Friday.

Reuters poll: China manufacturing activity growing quickest in a year

According to a Reuters poll, China's industrial activity likely rose at the quickest rate in a year in July.

Philippines airlifts assistance to earthquake-affected regions

Philippine officials flew supplies to regions cut off since a massive earthquake hit.

Russia:Ukrainian rocket attack kills 40 Ukrainian POWs in Donetsk

Russia's defense ministry said that Ukraine attacked a jail in separatist-held territory, killing 40 Ukrainian prisoners of war and injuring 75 others.

Lavrov says that Russia backs Beijing’s “One China” policy

Lavrov said on Friday, after Chinese President Xi Jinping urged US President Joe Biden not to play with fire over the island.

Heavy rain in Iran causes landslides and floods

Rescuers combed waterways and through rubble in attempt to discover individuals missing following landslides and floods caused by heavy rains in Iran.

Rich nations fell short of their climate budget target

OECD stated rich countries failed to satisfy an agreement to provide $100 billion to assist poorer countries deal with climate change.

Kentucky floods kill 8, governor expects more deaths

Governor Andy Beshear said the death toll is projected to increase into the double digits as the water level rises.

Rupee hits 3-week high as dollar falls

Indian rupee strengthened to a more than three-week high by Friday afternoon.

Macron discussed diversifying energy supplies with Saudi Crown Prince

Macron emphasized the significance of having a broad source of energy supply during Bin Salman meeting.

Scientists say climate change increased Britain’s heatwave by 10 times

Heatwave that burned Britain this week was made at least ten times more likely by climate change.

Biden says the U.S. economy is on the ‘correct path’ 

Biden says it was not surprising to see a slowdown after reports revealed the GDP dropped again in the second quarter.

Ukraine and Russia War Updates

A brief overview of the day's most important developments in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

As tax period closes, the rouble levels drop

Rouble levels drop by the end of a favorable tax period .

$400 million for rural internet connection from Biden administration

President Joe Biden's administration said it would spend $401 million to give high-speed internet connection.

Climate agreement reached by U.S. Senate is ‘transformative’-Supporters

$370 bln inn climate and energy security provisions included in the budget reconciliation agreement reached by US Senate Democrats on Wednesday.

Japan asks Russia to restrict military drills near disputed islands

Japan has requested Russia to restrict locations near disputed northern islands from military maneuvers.

Kim claims nuclear deterrence is ready

Kim Jong Un said his nation is ready to mobilize its nuclear deterrent and oppose any U.S. military battle.

Saudi oil prices to Asia might set records in September

Saudi Arabia may hike September crude prices for Asian clients.

Germany will tax consumers to help imports

Germany plans to impose a charge on all gas users.

Nearly 100,000 Ukrainians have moved to UK

According to the British government, more than 100,000 Ukrainians have arrived in the UK.

Ukraine claims Russia captured its second-largest power facility

Russian forces had taken over Ukraine's second largest power facility.

Iran welcomes nuclear dialogue, encourages U.S. interest

Iran welcomed diplomatic attempts to resurrect its 2015 nuclear deal with major nations.

Philippine president tours quake-hit areas

President Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines offered on Thursday to help restore houses destroyed by a massive earthquake.

Earthquakes hit Nicaragua and Chile on Thursday

Nicaragua and Chile struck by earthquake on Thursday

Russia says no agreement yet with U.S to exchange Griner for arms dealer

Russia did not reach an agreement with the U.S to exchange arrested Brittney Griner and a former marine for a convicted Russian.

Strike group returns to South China Sea amid Taiwan tensions

US aircraft carrier and its strike group have returned to the South China Sea.

Gazprom supplies as much gas as possible to Europe, says Kremlin

Kremlin spokesperson added that sanctions-related technical challenges with equipment were preventing Gazprom from shipping more.

Ukraine and Russia War Updates

A brief overview of the day's most important developments in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Gunmaker CEOs to testify House mass shooting hearing 

Major gun manufacturers are scheduled to appear before a House of Representatives .

Australia’s ‘climate emergency’ creates renewable energy employment

Australia views the world's climate emergency as a chance to generate employment.

After an 11-year wait, Google Maps releases Street View in India

Google Maps debuted its panoramic Street View service in 10 Indian cities on Wednesday.

Iran releases UK-Iranian environmentalist

Iran has granted bail to British-Iranian environmentalist Morad Tahbaz, who was convicted of security violations.

Russia reduces gas as Europe encourages energy conservation

Russia sent less gas to Europe on Wednesday, escalating an energy standoff.

Indonesia conducts a road test for biodiesel using 40% palm oil

Indonesia conducted road testing for two kinds of biodiesel containing 40% palm oil on Wednesday.

Philippines 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake kills 4

Earthquake slammed the northern Philippine island of Luzon, killing four people, destroying structures, and causing significant vibrations in Manila.

China is keenly monitoring the debris from its most powerful rocket

The remains of a Long March 5B rocket fired over the weekend are being carefully tracked by China.

Firefighters suppress blaze near Yosemite

On Monday, firefighters began to contain California's biggest wildfire this year.

At least 5 people killed as anti-UN riots erupt in east Congo

Atleast five people were murdered and about 50 were injured during a second day of violent anti-UN rallies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Ukraine and Russia War Updates

A brief overview of the day's most important developments in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Coal’s return threatens European ESG ratings

European companies that use coal as an alternative to Russian gas risk having their environmental, social, and governance ratings lowered.

Saudi crown prince says NEOM will list in 2024

Mohammed bin Salman announced on Monday NEOM will be partially funded by an IPO planned in 2024.

Oil climbs for a second day on supply tightness fears

Oil prices increased for a second day on Tuesday, as concerns about constraining European supply grew.

Czech and German firefighters combat national park fire

Hundreds of firemen fought a wildfire in a Czech national park for the third day.

Australia’s new parliament focusing on Climate Change

Australians' worry about climate change as bushfires and floods worsened.

UK adds 42 sanctions on Russia

Britain announced on Tuesday that it had sanctioned Kremlin-appointed officials in the eastern Ukrainian provinces.

EU agrees to winter gas cutbacks

European Union came to an agreement on Tuesday regarding an emergency regulation that will limit their consumption of gas this winter.

Nord Stream 1 gas turbine status still unknown, says Russia

Lavrov said on Tuesday that Moscow had yet to receive a proper explanation about the status of a Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline turbine

Sri Lanka courting international energy companies amid gasoline shortages

Sri Lanka asked oil corporations in petroleum-producing countries to import and sell their goods in the Indian Ocean island.

Combating COVID-19 Requires Third Booster, research reveals

According to the latest research, twenty separate COVID-19 variants were efficiently detected and neutralized following a third booster.

Russia maintains grain deal despite Odesa rocket assault

Ukraine said it hoped a UN-brokered agreement to resume grain shipments from the Black Sea region.

India’s First Tribal President says Poor can Dream

Droupadi Murmu, India's first president from a marginalized tribal clan, remarked that her victory was a "achievement of every poor person in the country".

China warns U.S. about Pelosi’s Taiwan visit

China has issued sterner warnings to US authorities about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's probable visit to Taiwan.

Ukrainians leave Europe’s emerging economies

Tens of thousands of Ukrainian men deserted blue-collar employment to return home following Russia's invasion.

China’s population to decline by 2025

China's population has slowed dramatically and is anticipated to begin shrinking before 2025.

Bavarian Nordic’s Monkeypox vaccine approved by EU

European Commission had granted authorisation for Imvanex vaccine to be marketed as protection against monkeypox.

California ‘s Erupting Oak Fire nears Yosemite

Fast-moving wildfire just west of Yosemite National Park erupted into one of the year's largest fires.

Greece’s heatwave spreads east, destroying homes and forests

Greek firefighters fought wildfires on the island of Lesbos for a second day, as well as fresh fires in the western Peloponnese and northern Greece.

Russia’s Gazprom claims a new turbine shutdown will limit Nord Stream 1 gas to Germany

Russia's Gazprom announced the shutdown of another turbine on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Germany.

Pope on ‘penance’ tour in Canada for Indigenous abuse

"This is a trip of penance. Let's say that is its spirit," the pope told reporters after his flight took off from Rome to Canada.

EU rewrites gas demand plan, seeks phasing -outs

EU proposed last week that each of the 27 member nations reduce their gas consumption from August to March.

Greece wants out of EU gas-cutting plan

Greece will seek exemption from a European Union proposal to reduce gas use.

Ukraine and Russia War Updates

A brief overview of the day's most important developments in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Trump ‘s ex-adviser Steve Bannon guilty of contempt of U.S Congress

Steve Bannon found guilty of contempt of Congress on Friday for ignoring a subpoenaSteve Bannon, a close associate of former President Donald Trump and a prominent figure on the American right, was found guilty of contempt of Congress on Friday for ignoring a subpoena from the committee investigating last year's attack on the Capitol.

EU gives Hungary a month before suspending payments

European Commission allowed Hungary one month to resolve its concerns about the rule of law

Indigenous Concerns to $3 bln urea Factory to be Considered

Australia said on Friday that she is reviewing an indigenous group's request to cancel a proposed A$4.5 billion fertiliser plant.

Man attempts to Stab Cngressman Zeldin onstage

A guy rushed on stage and attempted to stab US Congressman Lee Zeldin at a speech in his race for New York governor on Thursday

Rio de Janeiro Police raid Kills 18

At least 18 people were killed during a big police operation in a thick warren of Rio de Janeiro slums on Thursday

Libyan Capital Clashes Claim Lives

Intense fighting occurred early Friday in Libya between competing groups, with reports of many people dead

British Airways Heathrow staff accept new wage agreement avoiding strike

Hundreds of British Airways (ICAG.L) employees at London's Heathrow airport voted on Friday to end a strike after accepting a salary offer.

Chile’s First Electric Bus to Reduce Fossil Fuel

Electric buses produced by a Chilean business are already in use in the world's top copper-producing nation.

First Polio case in NewYork City suburb in 10 years

After suffering paralysis a month ago, an adult resident of suburban New York City was diagnosed with polio, state and local health authorities announced on Thursday.

China’s ‘Great Heat’ day approaches, bringing Heatwaves

More heatwaves will return to China over the next 10 days, from east to west.

Japan Approves Fukushima Water Discharge

Japan said on Friday that nuclear authorities have authorized a proposal to dump water from the stricken Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant into the sea.

Near-free Public Transit eases German traffic congestion

Data reveal that urban traffic congestion lessened in the weeks after Germany made public transportation practically free.

U.S. official: Russia suffers hundreds of daily deaths in Ukraine

A senior US defense source said on Friday that the US estimates Russia's military is suffering hundreds of fatalities every day.

Scholz: German gas users won’t be affected by Uniper’s rescue

German gas users will not be forced to bear increasing energy bills on their own, according to Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Ukraine and Russia to Resume Grain Export Ports

Russia and Ukraine will sign an agreement on Friday to reopen Ukrainian Black Sea ports for grain exports

Russian-backed Separatists block Google Search Engine in Ukraine

Russian-backed rebels in a breakaway area of eastern Ukraine have restricted access to the search engine Google.

Ukraine and Russia War Updates

Russia and Ukraine will sign an agreement on Friday to reopen Ukrainian Black Sea ports for grain exports, according to Turkey and the UN,...

Ukraine and Russia War Updates

A brief overview of the day's most important developments in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Rupee increases 20 paise to 79.85 per dollar

Rupee rebounded from an all-time low of 80.06 to end 20 paise higher at 79.85.

Burgenland to construct Austria’s biggest hydrogen plant

Verbund AG (VIE:VER) and Burgenland Energie AG are aiming to construct Austria's biggest electrolysis facility.

Russia Restores Gas deliveries to Germany

Russia restored gas shipments to Europe through its largest pipeline, but Germany claimed it was insufficient.

Turkey denies civilian attacks in Dohuk, Iraq

Turkey has not carried out any civilian-targeted operations in Iraq's Dohuk area says Minister.

Biden stops Declaration of Climate Emergency

Biden declared climate change an emergency on Wednesday, but stopped short of issuing a formal declaration.

The Turkish lira is flat ahead of the central bank meeting

Turkey's lira remained flat on Thursday, around its worst level since last December.

Russia reintroduces Nord Stream gas to Europe

Russia started pumping gas through its main pipeline to Europe on Thursday

Greece protests EU gas Cutbacks

Greece rejects an EU proposal to decrease nations' gas use by 15% by March.

Egypt’s Economy should Rise Steadily in three years

Egypt's economy will develop reasonably smoothly over the next three years.

Kingdom Holding of Saudi Arabia acquires M&G Plc stake

1.01 billion Saudi riyal ($269 million) investment in M&G Plc.

Gold falls, ECB rate decision in focus

Gold prices fell to a more than one-year low on Thursday.

Spain won’t Limit Gas Use

The Spanish government will not require customers to restrict their gas use.

UK inflation reaches 9.4%, boosting predictions for BoE rate rise

Rising gas and food costs last month brought British inflation to its highest level in 40 years.

Biden’s $37 bln Crime Prevention Spending Proposal

Biden will set out plans on Thursday to ask Congress for $37 billion for crime prevention initiatives.

Ukraine and Russia War Updates

A brief overview of the day's most important developments in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Biden announces mid-December U.S.-Africa summit

USA will host a major meeting in December in Washington to examine urgent issues ranging from food security to climate change.