On Wednesday, a violent 7.1 magnitude earthquake slammed the northern Philippine island of Luzon, killing four people, destroying structures, and causing significant vibrations in Manila.

According to Interior Secretary Benjamin Abalos, two persons were slain in Benguet province, one in Abra province, and one in another area. According to him, sixty persons were hurt.

According to US Geological Survey data, the quake hit roughly 11 kilometers (six miles) southeast of Dolores at a shallow depth of 10 kilometers (6 miles).

“Despite the sad reports about the damages caused by the earthquake, we are assuring quick response to those in need and affected by this calamity,” President Ferdinand Marcos Jr remarked on Facebook.

The tremor struck close to the political heartland of the Marcos family.

Strong aftershocks were forecast, according to Renato Solidum, head of the state seismology department.

“The concentration is on Abra and neighboring areas. This is a significant earthquake “stated Solidum.

According to Abalos, 173 houses were destroyed and 58 landslides were recorded in Abra province, with 44 of the 60 people wounded.

A hospital in Abra province was evacuated when the structure partly collapsed, although no injuries were recorded, according to authorities.

Joy Bernos, Abra’s vice governor, released photographs of the damaged Abra hospital on her Facebook page, showing a big hole in its front.

Other images showed hospital beds, including one with a patient, being moved across a road and hospital employees being evacuated.

Source: Reuters


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