POET LLC, the world’s biggest ethanol producer, said this week that a new agreement with a Midwest carbon capture and storage (CCS) pipeline would allow it to reach some of its climate targets sooner.

The decision by POET LLC (PTBBU.PK) to collaborate with Navigator CO2 Ventures is a significant step forward for the pipeline project, which intends to absorb greenhouse emissions from Midwest ethanol processing facilities and deliver them to underground storage locations. more info

POET claimed in 2021 that their biofuels will be 70% less polluting than gasoline by 2030. According to President Jeff Lautt, the Navigator alliance will result in 75 percent reduced emissions at participating facilities.

Lautt said that the pipeline “would get more than half of our plants to that goal early,”

According to a business release, Navigator will pump 5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide from 18 POET facilities in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota to underground storage locations in Illinois and will be operational by 2025.

The ethanol business boasts that their fuel is already roughly 50% less polluting than gasoline. However, current study suggests that ethanol may generate more carbon than gasoline owing to the tilling of land to cultivate maize. more info

Opponents along the pipeline’s course in the Midwest are concerned that they would lose property due to eminent domain and that agriculture harvests will decrease during construction. L1N2UB257

According to a Reuters investigation of the Iowa Utilities Board docket, 18 of the 36 counties on Navigator’s planned route have filed resistance to the project with the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB).

Some farmers who oppose the pipeline and sell to POET are outraged by the move, claiming that the firm had previously said that it would not pursue a pipeline cooperation.

“We’re disgusted and disappointed,” Kim Junker, an Iowa POET provider whose farm is on the Navigator route, said.

Source: Reuters


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