Irish farmers are making significant progress in a number of critical agricultural sustainability areas. Bord Bia promotes Irish agriculture in a variety of international forums focusing on agricultural sustainability in order to secure acknowledgment for these activities.

The Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) Platform hosts the European Roundtable for Beef Sustainability (ERBS) and the Dairy Working Group.

Participation in these forums enables Bord Bia to showcase our members’ sustainable agricultural methods on a European and worldwide scale. It also ensures that Irish agriculture is unified with our European and global counterparts in order to increase attention for the work that agriculture is doing to effect good change.

What is the Platform for the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI)?

The SAI Platform is a non-profit organization that facilitates the exchange of information and best practices at a pre-competitive level to help the development and implementation of sustainable agricultural techniques.

It was founded in 2002 by Unilever, Danone, and Nestle and engages stakeholders from all stages of the food value chain.

SAI Platform membership is available to enterprises, agencies, and organizations working in agricultural, food production, and manufacturing. SAI Platform presently has over 150 members globally, and Bord Bia has been an associate member since 2007.

Participation in the SAI Platform provides Bord Bia with access to some of the world’s largest importers of Irish food, providing an ideal chance to create connections and acquire insight into the specific sustainability needs of these large corporations.

In addition, Bord Bia involvement enables us to show to these corporations the excellent standards in place within the Irish agrifood sector, as well as the Irish industry’s (including farmers’) commitment to the sustainability agenda.

Source: Agriland


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