On Friday, as many as a dozen contenders were eyeing the job of succeeding Boris Johnson as British prime minister after he was pushed to resign by his own party, with opponents demanding that he leave Downing Street immediately.

Johnson announced his resignation as Conservative Party leader and British prime minister on Thursday, after the resignations of more than 50 cabinet ministers and many of his MPs telling him they wanted him gone. more info

The competition to determine his successor is already started, with top politicians and even lesser-known members of parliament (MPs) likely to put their hat in the ring.

Meanwhile, Johnson continues in office despite a string of scandals and a lack of faith in his integrity, a position that opponents and many in his own party believe is unsustainable.

“I think Conservative MPs have got to get rid of him today,” Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey told BBC TV. “It’s just ludicrous that he’s the caretaker prime minister. He’s never cared and looked after anything in his life.”

The major opposition Labour Party has also demanded that Johnson resign immediately, threatening to conduct a confidence vote in parliament if he does not.

Johnson promised not to make any major reforms that might bind the hands of his successor.

“Essentially the government will focus on delivering on pre-agreed policy, delivering on manifesto commitments, it won’t seek to make any large fiscal changes nor will it seek to unpick previously agreed policy,” his spokesperson told reporters.

Source: Reuters


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