Over four decades after being extinct in the country, rhinos are once again wandering the wilds of Mozambique, which is transporting the endangered species from South Africa in a bid to revitalize its parks and increase local tourism.

A team of rangers abducted, sedated, and transported black and white rhinos over 1,000 miles (1,610 kilometers) to Mozambique’s Zinave National Park, which includes over 400,000 hectares and over 2,300 other reintroduced species.

“Rhinos are important to the ecosystem, which is one of the reasons why we’re moving them all this distance and doing all this effort to get them there,” Kester Vickery told Reuters, a conservationist overseeing the rhino transfer.

The Peace Parks Foundation (PPF), which is leading the effort, hopes to transport around 40 rhinos to Mozambique during the next two years.

According to Anthony Alexander, the organization’s project manager, the group had previously brought in some predators and numerous elephants to the park, and it was now rhinos’ time.

Source: Reuters


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