Russia accused the US of direct participation in the Ukraine crisis on Tuesday, as the first ship transporting Ukrainian grain to foreign markets since Moscow’s invasion resumed its journey to Lebanon without incident.

Russia said that it was reacting to remarks made by Vadym Skibitsky, Ukraine’s deputy chief of military intelligence on how Kyiv employed U.S.-supplied long-range HIMARs rocket launch systems based on “excellent satellite imagery and real-time information.”

Skibitsky told the British publication The Telegraph that there was dialogue between US and Ukrainian intelligence officials before to attacks and that Washington had an effective veto over planned targets, but he added that US authorities were not supplying direct targeting information.

Russia’s defense ministry, led by a close ally of President Vladimir Putin, said the interview demonstrated that Washington was directly involved in the conflict, despite repeated assertions that it was limiting its role in the conflict to arms supplies in order to avoid a direct confrontation with Moscow.

“All this undeniably proves that Washington, contrary to White House and Pentagon claims, is directly involved in the conflict in Ukraine,” the Russian defense ministry stated in a statement.

“It is the Biden administration that is directly responsible for all Kyiv-approved rocket attacks on residential areas and civilian infrastructure in populated areas of Donbas and other regions, which have resulted in mass deaths of civilians,” the defense ministry stated.

The White House and Pentagon had no immediate response to the defense ministry’s claims.

Ukraine and the West accuse Russia of practically daily carrying out destructive missile assaults on civilian targets. Both parties deny striking people on purpose.

Western countries’ supplies of advanced long-range weapons systems to Ukraine are considered as critical if Kyiv’s troops are to alter the tide of the conflict, in which Russia relies largely on long-range bombardments of populated centers.

Source: Reuters


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