Russia said on Thursday that it didn’t think Gazprom (GAZPROM.MM) would cut gas supplies to any more European customers and that its plan to make buyers pay for gas in roubles was working as planned.

Gazprom has cut off supplies to Denmark’s Orsted (ORSTED.CO) and Shell Energy (SHEL.L) for its contract to supply gas to Germany, as well as to the Dutch gas trader GasTerra and Bulgaria, Poland, and Finland for not paying for Russian gas in roubles under the new rouble scheme. go to site

In April and May, gas payments were due under the new plan, which was set up in response to Western sanctions.

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin, said that Russian gas was no longer going to the places that were supposed to be cut off.

“The system is functioning … and whose who receive the gas are working under the new system,” Peskov told his daily conference call with reporters.

When asked if there would be more gas cuts, he said, “No.”

Companies from Germany, Italy, and France have said they will use Moscow’s payment system to make sure they can keep getting supplies, even though Europe wants to become less dependent on Russia over the next couple of years.

Source: Reuters


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