Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will meet the harshest opponents of his country’s invasion of Ukraine for the first time at the G20 meeting in Indonesia, which begins on Thursday.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict and a worldwide food crisis blamed on the war are set to dominate the two-day gathering of foreign ministers on the Indonesian island of Bali. more info

Thursday’s welcome dinner will be the first opportunity for President Vladimir Putin’s long-serving foreign minister Lavrov to meet the most vociferous opponents of Moscow’s February invasion of Ukraine, which Moscow has described as a “special military operation”

According to Russian news agency TASS, Lavrov wanted to meet with several of his colleagues on the margins of the summit, but ministers such as Germany’s Annalena Baerbock and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken have ruled out separate talks with him.

Foreign Minister Penny Wong of Australia said her country and others will use the G20 gathering to emphasize the consequences of the conflict.

“We will be making very clear collectively our views about Russia’s position and Russia’s behaviour,” she added.

The BBC claimed that British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss intended to return to London amid the political turmoil surrounding Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s resignation.

An spokesperson from the British Foreign Office refused to comment.

The Group of 20 comprises Western nations who have accused Moscow of war crimes in Ukraine, which it denies, and have imposed sanctions, as well as countries such as China, Indonesia, India, and South Africa that have responded more subtly.

Lavrov emphasized the significance of Russia-China relations in establishing a more “just and democratic world based on the principles of international law, primarily the U.N. charter” after meeting with his Chinese colleague Wang Yi.

He also blasted the West for being “openly aggressive” and “which seeks to maintain its privileged position and dominance in international affairs”

“The solidity of the voices of developing nations are needed to stop the war, and to reintegrate food exports of Ukraine and Russia into the global supply chain,” Indonesia’s foreign ministry said in a statement.

Source: Reuters


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