Gazprom (GAZP.MM) of Russia said on Wednesday that it has yet to obtain paperwork from Siemens (ENR1n.DE) required to replace a turbine for the critical Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, despite sanctions imposed by Canada and the European Union.

Kremlin-controlled Last month, Gazprom reduced gas exports via the route to 40% of capacity, blaming delays in the return of a turbine Siemens Energy was fixing in Canada. 

The pipeline, which is the single most important conduit for Russian gas supplies to Europe, is set to reopen on Thursday. 

The return of the turbine, as well as further extensive repairs on other engines, according to Gazprom, has had a direct influence on the safe running of Nord Stream 1.

According to the Kommersant daily newspaper, Canada flew the turbine to Germany over the weekend and it was anticipated to arrive in Russia around July 24. 

However, Russian President Vladimir Putin hinted earlier on Wednesday that supplies through the pipeline that runs under the Baltic Sea to Germany, Europe’s industrial powerhouse that has depended largely on Russian petroleum, may be reduced further. 

According to Siemens Energy, turbine maintenance is a regular activity under normal conditions.

“We will maintain more turbines with the customary high quality standards if required politically and practicable owing to the sanctions regime. In such instances, our objective is always to get the turbine to its destination as soon as feasible “It was said in a statement.

Source: Reuters


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