According to Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova, the survival of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline to Germany is dependent on European gas consumption and Western sanctions against Russia.

The Russian-German pipeline is undergoing yearly maintenance until July 21, but European countries are concerned that Moscow may prolong it in order to limit European gas supplies, undermining preparations to build up winter reserves.

Gazprom, the Kremlin-controlled energy behemoth, said on Wednesday that it could not guarantee the safe functioning of a vital section of Nord Stream 1 due to uncertainty about the return of a turbine from Canada, which had placed sanctions on the firm. 

Canada announced over the weekend that it has granted permission for the return of the turbine for Nord Stream 1’s Portovaya compressor station in Russia. 

“As far as the gas pipeline’s work in future is concerned, a lot will depend on our partners in terms of gas demand and illegitimate sanctions, as happened with the turbines in Canada,” Zakharova added.

She said that pipeline repairs had been pre-agreed upon with users.

Russia accuses the West of conducting economic warfare against it in favor of Ukraine, but insists it is still a trustworthy energy source.

Since sending its troops into Ukraine on Feb. 24, the West has accused Russia, a major oil and gas exporter, of increasing its use of energy as a geopolitical weapon.

Russia limited gas deliveries to 40% of Nord Stream 1’s entire capacity last month, citing the turbine’s delayed recovery. 

Source: Reuters


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