South Korea’s president said Wednesday that his country has no intentions to develop its own nuclear deterrent and instead urged more dialogue in the face of North Korean nuclear weapons capabilities, despite the North’s test-firing of two suspected cruise missiles.

The launches were detected off North Korea’s western coast just hours before South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol used a press conference to encourage Pyongyang to return to negotiation in exchange for economic incentives.

The South Korean military, which did not divulge the launches until after Yoon’s statements, released no immediate flight details about the North’s weapons, such as how fast or how far they traveled.

Yoon’s office stated that his national security director, Kim Sung-han, examined the South’s military readiness with other top officials before to Yoon’s press conference. Tensions may rise higher when the United States and South Korea begin their largest joint training exercise in years next week to fight the North Korean threat. The North refers to such exercises as invasion rehearsals and has frequently retaliated with missile testing or other provocations.

Source: AP News


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