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The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization said it has received $17 million from Japan to solve grain storage issues in Ukraine and improve exports as global food prices remain at record highs due to the country’s conflict.

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the money would assist Ukraine, the world’s fourth biggest grain exporter, with storing goods from the current July-August harvest in plastic sleeves and modular storage containers.

Ukraine’s Black Sea ports have been closed since the Russian incursion on February 24, preventing marine shipments and leaving food storage full. As a result, food prices have skyrocketed, sparking a worldwide food crisis and riots in underdeveloped nations.

“Ukraine’s farmers are feeding themselves and millions more people around the world,” said Rein Paulsen, Director of the FAO’s emergency and resilience office to Reuters.

“Ensuring they can continue production, safely store and access alternative markets is vital to strengthen food security within Ukraine and ensure other import-dependent countries have sufficient supply of grain at a manageable cost,” he added.

FAO stated that Ukraine still had 18 million tonnes of last year’s grain and oilseed harvest in storage, and the country expected to harvest another 60 million tonnes this season.

According to the FAO, around 30% of its granaries were filled with last season’s crop.

Ukraine, which transported 44.7 million tonnes of grains in 2020/21, is attempting to export its harvest through road, river, and rail, but logistical challenges restrict volumes to roughly 2 million tonnes each month.

The FAO said that it will also utilize its new money to assist Ukraine in putting these alternative grain export routes into action.

Source: Reuters


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