Firefighters fought overnight to put out wildfires, and engineers hurried on Wednesday to repair railway rails that crumbled on Britain’s warmest day, prompting concerns that climate change initiatives needed to be sped up.The London Fire Brigade had its busiest day since World War II on Tuesday, when temperatures surpassed 40 degrees Celsius for the first time, sparking fires that damaged scores of houses in the city and sent flames racing down the sides of railway lines and roadways.

“We’ve got nothing, everything’s gone,” Timothy Stock, a resident of the east London suburb of Wennington who lost his house to fire, told the BBC.

Trains from London to the east coast of England were halted until at least lunchtime on Wednesday after a fire in Peterborough, in central England, damaged signaling equipment. Other fires on the network caused damage to rails and overhead power wires.

“Please do not travel to or from London Kings Cross today,” stated the operator of the main London station, London North Eastern Railway.

The Met Office in the United Kingdom reported a new preliminary record temperature of 40.3C (104.5F) at Coningsby, central England, on Tuesday, with 34 sites around the country breaking the previous high of 38.7C (101.7F) in 2019.

Forecasters anticipated a much colder day on Wednesday, with rain showers later in the day.

Source: Reuters


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