According to Ukrainian and Turkish officials, a ship carrying grain left the Ukrainian port of Odesa for Lebanon on Monday under a safe passage arrangement, the first departure since the Russian invasion shut down transportation across the Black Sea five months ago.


  • According to Ukraine’s infrastructure minister, the first ship to leave Odesa under a historic grain contract will pass through the Bosphorus on Tuesday, transporting Ukrainian grain to Lebanon.
  • A jubilant crew member said on Monday that learning his ship will be allowed to leave the Ukrainian port of Odesa carrying grain was the “best feeling” of the year, adding that he was concerned about mines.
  • Ukraine exported 3 million tonnes of agricultural products in July, avoiding its seaports, the majority of which were closed by Russia, according to the Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business Associations on Monday.
  • Following additional drops in Gazprom output and exports, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said on Monday that Russia can do little to assist with urgent repairs to malfunctioning Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline infrastructure.


  • Ukraine has received more multiple rocket launcher systems built in Germany and the United States, as part of a series of delivery of high-precision heavy weapons promised by its partners, its defense minister said on Monday.
  • According to Interfax, Russia’s defense ministry announced on Monday that its forces destroyed two US-made HIMARS in Ukraine’s Kharkiv region, as well as a launch system for Harpoon anti-ship missiles in the Odesa region.

Source: Reuters


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