Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder stated Russia wanted a “negotiated solution” to the crisis, while Ukraine indicated any discussions would be predicated on a Russian ceasefire and troop departure.


  • The first grain ship to leave a Ukrainian port during the war went through the Bosphorus Strait on its way to Lebanon, where foreign powers hope it will be the first of many to help alleviate a worldwide food crisis.
  • Ukraine’s grain harvest prediction for 2022 has been raised from 60 million tonnes to 65 million-67 million tonnes, according to the prime minister.
  • Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Russia had no motive to stall the return of a gas turbine for the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which had been serviced in Canada but had become trapped in Germany. European governments accuse Russia of squeezing gas supply in retaliation for sanctions related to the war.


  • The United Nations Secretary-General has announced that an investigation into an attack on a prison in eastern Ukraine last week that murdered captives held by Russian-backed separatists will commence.


  • According to Ukraine, Russia has begun assembling a military strike force aimed towards President Volodymr Zelenskiy’s hometown of Kryvyi Rih, and Moscow may be planning further operations in southern Ukraine.
  • The Ukrainian military reported extensive Russian bombardment of Kharkiv and other nearby cities and villages, as well as air and missile strikes on civilian sites. Russia denies intentionally targeting people.
  • According to Zelenskiy, despite Western armament supply, Ukrainian forces have failed to overcome Russian superiority in heavy weapons and manpower.
  • Following a Ukrainian strike against a Russian armaments train, Britain stated the rail link connecting Russian-occupied Kherson in southern Ukraine with Crimea is highly unlikely to be operational.

Source: Reuters


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