On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Tehran, emphasizing stronger ties in the face of Western pressure over the Ukraine conflict, in which Russian forces have struck numerous targets around the country.


  • According to Ukrainian authorities, a Russian missile strike in Odesa injured at least four people, burned down houses, cluster shell strikes in Mkoliav injured at least two people, and more than 150 mines and shells were launched on the Sumy region.
  • Russia’s defense ministry said its forces destroyed ammunition dumps in Ukraine’s southern Odesa area that housed weaponry given to Kiev by the US and European countries.
  • The regional governor said that , at least one person was killed in a Russian missile hit on the center of the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk.
  • According to Ukraine, Russian troops attempted but failed to move towards the city of Avdiyivka, north of Donetsk, but were turned back after many days of fighting, sustaining huge losses and killing 40 people.
  • Ukraine’s senior military commander stated that long-range rocket systems supplied by the US “stabilize the situation” by carrying out “major strikes at enemy command points, ammunition and fuel storage warehouses.”
  • According to TASS news agency, a Ukrainian shelling of a hydroelectric power facility in Russian-controlled territory in southern Ukraine could result in a complete suspension of passage on the Dnipro river, the country’s major waterway.
  • Following strikes on Russian supply lines, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu directed generals to prioritize the destruction of Ukraine’s long-range missile and artillery systems.


  • Flows of gas through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline increased ahead of the anticipated end of yearly maintenance on Thursday, as the operator conducted pressure testing. Governments and businesses are concerned that flows would not resume immediately if a repaired turbine brought from Canada is not installed on time and after Russia’s Gazprom declared force majeure to some European clients, exempting it from contractual duties.
  • Foreign friends must strengthen financial support for Ukraine in order for the country to retain financial stability throughout the battle with Russia, according to a Ukrainian presidential office adviser.


  • Putin met with Iran’s Supreme Leader in Tehran, his first visit outside the former Soviet Union since Moscow’s February 1 invasion of Ukraine. Putin also met for the first time since the invasion with a NATO leader, Turkey’s Tayyip Erdogan, to discuss resuming Ukraine’s Black Sea grain shipments, which are currently blocked by Moscow.

The agreement is likely to be signed later this week by Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and the United Nations.

  • EU foreign ministers agree to another 500 million euros ($504 million) in funding for weaponry supplies to Ukraine, bringing the EU’s security assistance to 2.5 billion euros since Russia’s incursion began.

Source: Reuters


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