Ukraine expects five ships to arrive at the Black Sea port of Chornomorsk on Wednesday to load more than 70,000 tonnes of agricultural products, the largest convoy so far under a United Nations-brokered grain export arrangement.

According to the Ukrainian seaports administration, the additional cargoes will comprise wheat, corn, and sunflower oil.

Ukraine was able to resume exports from its Black Sea ports in early August thanks to a framework deal reached by Turkey and the United Nations, which had been halted for five months due to Russia’s Feb. 24 invasion. 

According to the sea ports administration, 24 ships carrying food have already left Ukrainian ports during the 17-day grain corridor operation under the Initiative for the Safe Transportation of Grain and Foodstuffs.

“Today we expect 5 vessels to enter at the port of Chornomorsk – this is the largest figure during the operation of the ‘grain corridor’,” the statement stated.

Before the Russian invasion, Ukraine used to export 5 million to 6 million tonnes of agricultural products by sea each month. 

Moscow refers to its intervention in Ukraine as a “special military operation” to demilitarize the country and defend Russian-speaking minorities. Ukraine refers to it as an imperial-style conquest war.

Kyiv has stated that it hopes to expand monthly maritime shipments to 3 million tonnes in the near future in order to erase an 18 million-tonne backlog from last year’s harvest and begin selling the fresh crops.

Source: Reuters


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