Authorities say an Antonov freight jet operated by a Ukrainian airline crashed Saturday in the northern Greek city of Kavala.

The flight was flying from Serbia to Jordan, according to Greek Civil Aviation authorities, although they have not confirmed how many people were on board or what the plane’s cargo was. Meridian, a cargo carrier, was in charge of it.

The pilot was able to notify authorities of a problem with one of the plane’s engines, and he was given the option of landing either Thessaloniki or Kavala. He chose Kavala since it was closer, but the plane crashed some 40 kilometers (25 miles) west of the airport, according to Greece’s Civil Aviation Administration.

“We were hearing explosions until a few minutes ago,” Filippos Anastassiadis, mayor of the municipality of Paggaio, told the Associated Press. “I am about 300 meters from the site of the crash.”
Residents reported witnessing a fireball. Locals and some Greek media speculated that the jet was carrying explosives after the explosions.

The crash location is on farmland near two settlements in the Paggaio municipality.

The area has been blocked off by the fire department.

Source: Associated Press


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