Ukraine announced on Tuesday that it has launched a successful long-range rocket assault on Russian soldiers in southern Ukraine, which it plans to reclaim with hundreds of thousands of troops in a counter-offensive.

According to Ukraine, the attack killed 52 Russians when it targeted an ammo stockpile in the village of Nova Kakhovka in the Kherson area. It occurred after Washington provided Ukraine with HIMARS mobile artillery weapons, which Kyiv claims its soldiers are beginning to employ more effectively.

A different account was given by a Russian-installed official in Kherson. He said that at least seven persons were killed in the Ukrainian strike, which also targeted civilians and civilian infrastructure.

The territory hit by Ukraine is one that Russian troops took after initiating what Moscow dubbed a “a special military operation” on February 24. It is strategically important due to Black Sea access, a once-thriving agricultural economy, and its position immediately north of Russian-annexed Crimea.

Ukrainian government leaders have said that they want to mobilize up to one million soldiers in order to retake southern sections of the nation under Russian control, which they believe are crucial for economic and political reasons.

Unverified social media videos showed smoke and sparkles, followed by a massive fireball exploding into the night sky. Images showed devastation scattered over streets and burnt structures.

Russian official media presented images of a wasteland littered with debris and the ruins of houses.

According to a local government official, Ukraine employed HIMARS missiles in the operation, which damaged warehouses carrying saltpetre, a chemical component that can be used to create fertilizer or gunpowder, resulting in a massive explosion.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry did not react quickly to a request for information on the kind of weapon deployed.

According to Vladimir Leontyev, chairman of the Russia-installed Kakhovka District military-civilian government, at least seven people were killed and approximately 60 were injured in the assault.

He further said that warehouses, stores, a pharmacy, petrol stations, and a church had been targeted.

According to unverified social media accounts, the attack killed numerous top Russian military leaders.

Source: Reuters


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