According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, Nigeria is falling short of the Sustainable Development Goal 4 of excellent education.

Saadhna Panday-Soobrayan, the international agency’s representative, said this Wednesday, June 9, at the National Universities Commission’s Transforming Education Summit in Abuja.

Soobrayan further said that the Coronavirus pandemic increased the fragility of Nigeria’s education institutions, which were already grappling with limited access to high-quality learning and low shock resilience.

She stated;

“Additionally, frequent attacks on schools – including abduction of children, who should always be safe in school, has also resulted in prolonged school closures and is contributing to high rates of out of school children and low learning outcomes.”

Adamu Adamu, Minister of Education, said that the education curriculum being established will emphasize on skills and entrepreneurship to improve graduates’ employability.

Source: Linda Ikeji’s Blog


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