Curio and Energy Northwest have signed a memorandum of cooperation on nuclear fuel recycling in the United States.

It is part of Curio’s ambitions to build what it says will be the first commercial nuclear fuel recycling plant in the United States, supplying a wide range of in-demand commodities and goods.

This comprises low enriched uranium (LEU) nuclear fuel manufactured in the United States for the present fleet of reactors, as well as HALEU (high-assay low-enriched uranium) and transuranic-based TRUfuel for advanced reactors under development.

Bob Schuetz, Chief Executive Officer of Energy Northwest said: “Energy Northwest is excited to partner with Curio and explore the promising potential to recycle used low-enriched uranium fuel, which would represent a game-changing development for the future of the commercial nuclear energy industry.

“Leveraging used fuel as a resource has numerous benefits: from reducing US reliance on foreign fuel and increasing U.S. energy security and independence, to demonstrating the nuclear industry’s long term commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. The development of Curio’s NuCycle recycling process would be an invaluable tool as we embark on a promising new phase for carbon-free nuclear energy and Energy Northwest is proud to be a partner in this important undertaking.”

Energy Northwest is an industry partner and possible offtaker of goods created by Curio’s NuCycle nuclear waste recycling technology, which has been designed for a broad range of sectors such as space, sophisticated batteries, and nuclear medicine.

Curio expects NuCycle to “dramatically” decrease the amount of radioactive nuclear waste and set a new worldwide standard for nuclear spent fuel recycling.

Edward McGinnis, Chief Executive Officer of Curio added: “We are proud to announce this important partnership with Energy Northwest.

“Yesterday’s nuclear waste is holding back tomorrow’s reactors. Only approximately 4% of the energy value of our nation’s commercial light water reactor used fuel has been utilised. It’s time to tap this enormous stockpile of unused energy and repurpose it into non-carbon-emitting fuel that will help power our future clean electricity generation needs. Curio’s partnership with such an important nuclear utility leader as Energy Northwest represents an important step in realizing the full potential of our NuCycle technology.”

Source: Energy Live News


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