Because of price shocks in oil and gas, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will hasten the world’s shift to renewable energy, according to a US climate envoy on Thursday.

After engaging with Australian government officials on bilateral cooperation in transitioning to net-zero greenhouse emissions by 2050, US Deputy Special Envoy for Climate Rick Duke spoke at an Australian National University conference.

The Russian invasion, which began six months ago, was described by Duke as “one of the biggest geopolitical drivers at the moment” for a global shift toward renewable energy.

“What has sometimes been lost in people’s understanding of the reverberations on that front is that when you look at what countries are actually doing in response, it’s going to accelerate the energy transition,” Duke said.

“The European Union has tripled down on its efforts to deploy renewables and heat pumps and to electrify its vehicle fleet and otherwise respond to this crisis,” he added. “That’s going to take time … but the pace is quickening because of the conflict.”

Meanwhile, Australia intends to diversify its trading partners in order to lessen its reliance on solar panels manufactured in China, a Russian ally, as the Australian government accelerates its shift to renewables.

Source: AP News


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