Walmart Inc. (WMT.N) announced on Wednesday that it was expanding transportation pilots with Cummins Inc. (CMI.N) and Daimler Truck’s Freightliner.

Walmart’s goal for 2040 is to have zero emissions from all of its global operations, including its fleet of about 10,000 tractors and 80,000 trailers. These new partnerships add to the transportation partnerships that had already been announced.

In order to cut down on pollution, more companies have been getting into the growing commercial EV market. But Fernando Cortes, Walmart’s senior vice president in the U.S., warned that the company was still in its early stages.

“We’re still in the testing stage and trying these technologies,” Cortes said. “We know that for us to decarbonize our fleet, there’s no one solution that can get us really to scale and that’s ready to give us that future that we want.”

Walmart said it will get a number of Cummins’ new 15-liter natural gas engines early next year, but it didn’t say how many. The store plans to put these engines in its trucks.

Walmart said it had made a deal with Chevron Corp (CVX.N) to supply compressed natural gas.

Walmart said it also plans to use Freightliner’s eCascadia and Nikola Corp’s (NKLA.O) Tre BEV heavy-duty trucks in a pilot project this summer at one of its distribution centers in California.

It also wants to test yard trucks made by Capacity, a company in Texas, that are powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

In January, the store said it had reserved 5,000 electric delivery vans from General Motors’ (GM.N) BrightDrop business for commercial use. go to site

Walmart Canada said in 2020 that it had reserved 130 of Tesla Inc.’s (TSLA.O) Semi trucks, but the electric vehicle (EV) leader hasn’t started making the Semi yet.

Cortes said that Walmart U.S. was trying to figure out which solutions worked best in its fleet. “We do have the option to purchase Tesla’s electric Semi trucks, but we not have shared any public commitments,” he said.

Source: Reuters


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