The World Health Organization reported two more monkeypox fatalities since its last illness update on June 27, increasing the total to three since the beginning of the year, and claimed the disease has spread to new places.

Cases have increased by 77% since the previous report to 6,027, according to the WHO, with the majority of them recorded in Europe. According to the study, all three fatalities occurred in Africa.

The report also revealed that males accounted for more than 99 percent of the instances for which gender information was available.

“The outbreak continues to primarily affect men who have sex with men who have reported recent sex with one or multiple male partners, suggesting no signal of sustained transmission beyond these networks for now,” the paper added.

The Geneva-based United Nations agency’s director-general said on Wednesday that the committee that would advise on designating the epidemic a global health emergency, the WHO’s highest degree of warning, will reconvene in the week starting July 18 or sooner. more info

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is also scheduled to meet with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Thursday morning, according to a WHO official. According to WHO statistics, Spain has recorded 802 cases thus far.

At a separate press conference, Africa’s main public health organization said that monkeypox epidemics in other regions of the globe were likely less fatal due to early detection and medical intervention.

“The core of it is the ability of the person who has been infected to be diagnosed early and then provide the correct medical attention,” said Ahmed Ogwell Ouma, interim head of the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

“This really removes a lot of the bite from the monkeypox virus,” he added.

The West African variant of the virus, which is spreading internationally, has a case fatality rate of roughly 1%, making it milder than the Congo Basin clade, which is growing in certain regions of Africa. more info

According to CDC statistics, at least 73 monkeypox fatalities have occurred in Africa since the beginning of 2022.

Source: Reuters


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