A number of countries throughout the world have been experiencing heatwaves since the start of summer in 2022 where wildfires erupted throughout multiple European countries as high temperatures were reported, causing huge environmental damage.


Nearly 1,000 firefighters have been dispatched to fight a major fire in the southern region of France known as the Gard. This blaze is responsible for the loss of 600 hectares (1,500 acres) of land and has caused the evacuation of residents.


In Portugal, thousands of firemen fought over 20 raging fires throughout Portugal and western Spain on Wednesday, endangering communities and interrupting tourists’ vacations during a heat wave that pushed temperatures beyond 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) in several areas of Europe.


Moreover, on Wednesday, fires broke out in three different counties in Croatia: one in Zadar County and two in Sibenik-Knin County. In Sibenik-Knin County, where the fire was the worst, approximately twenty buildings were damaged, although no one was hurt.


At the same day, local officials and media reported that firefighters were battling a forest fire near the tourist town of Datca in southern Turkey, where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet. But today, the forest fire in Turkey’s southeastern Datca peninsula was brought under control, some 24 hours after it began, according to a government minister, with hundreds of residents temporarily evacuated.


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